Prepared (PbS) Thin Film Doped with (Cu) and Study Structure Properties

Baghdad Science Journal
2008 Baghdad Science Journal  
In this research PbS and PbS:Cu films were prepered with thicknesses (0.85±0.05)?m and (0.55±0.5)?m deposit on glass and silicon substrate respectively using chemical spray pyrolysis technique with a substrate temperature 573K, from lead nitrate salt, thiourea and copper chloride. Using XRD we study the structure properties for the undoped and doped films with copper .The analysis reveals that the structure of films were cubic polycrystalline FCC with a preferred orientation along (200) plane
more » ... r the undoped films and 1% doping with copper but the orientation of (111) plane is preferred with 5% doping with the rest new peaks of films and appeared because of doping. Surface topography using optical microscope were be checked, it was found that the doping cause an increase in grain size and enhance the crystalline structure in comparison with the undoped samples. These results were fitted to the X-ray analysis.
doi:10.21123/bsj.5.4.522-533 fatcat:rjdcbtgzorcdvlfprwrncwy5hi