Commutative Algebra Provides a Big Surprise for Craig Huneke's Birthday

Irena Swanson
2017 Notices of the American Mathematical Society  
A commutative algebra conference in July 2016 on the occasion of Craig Huneke's sixty-fifth birthday, included a major mathematical surprise. Craig Huneke has been at the forefront of research in commutative algebra, introducing and advancing several influential notions, such as d-sequences, licci ideals, During the banquet, Hochster read his poem honoring Huneke. symbolic powers, homological methods, computational methods, tight closure, uniform bounds, and prime characteristic methods. He has
more » ... mentored twenty-four PhD students and many postdocs; he has coorganized conferences, such as the Kansas-Missouri-Nebraska KUMUNU commutative algebra conference; he has served on the Executive Committee of the AMS and on the Board of Trustees of the MSRI. Almost all the talks were directly related to Huneke's work, and most speakers started their talks describing how Huneke affected their work as a mathematician and as a person: they talked about his mathematical productivity, extensive collaborations, productive and precious lunches with napkin notes, excellent and influential talks, his advising, mentoring, his friendly competitiveness, and so on. Claudia Polini addressed how commutative algebra in general is friendly to women (possibly due to Emmy Noether being one of us) and in particular how Huneke has been a tremendous role model as a teacher, collaborator, mentor, and organizer. His own family life, with wife Edith
doi:10.1090/noti1480 fatcat:57dxk4wxkze5zdpcjd5jukviqe