Applying 'design by contract'

B. Meyer
1992 Computer  
Interactive Software Engineering s object-oriented techniques steadily gain ground in the world of software development. users and prospective users of these techniques are clamoring more and more loudly for a "methodology" of object-oriented software constructionor at least for some methodological guidelines. This article presents such guidelines, whose main goal is to help improve the reliability of software systems. Reliability is here defined as the combination of correctness and robustness
more » ... or. more prosaically, as the absence of bugs. Everyone developing software systems. or just using them, knows how pressing this question of reliability is in the current state of software engineering. Yet the rapidly growing literature on object-oriented analysis. design. and programming includes remarkably few contributions on how to make object-oriented software more reliable. This is surprising and regrettable, since at least three reasons justify devoting particular attention to reliability in the context of object-oriented development:
doi:10.1109/2.161279 fatcat:tumbcopzavcwzl2a2wfmjpkoai