Дуаиссиа Омар Хадж Аисса
2018 Open Information and Computer Integrated Technologies  
To determine the required oil pumping through the GTE rotor support, an accurate calculation of the heat flow from the engine to the GTE bearing chamber is necessary. The complexity of the mathematical description of thermo-hydraulic processes is associated with the presence of a multiphase mixture in the bearing chamber, consisting of oil, going for lubrication and cooling of the support elements, and air, used for seals pressurization. The work is devoted to the issues of numerical study of
more » ... e effect of regime parameters on the heat transfer coefficient in the bearing chamber of the GTE. For these purposes, the methodology based on conservation laws and CFD modeling methods is applied. The change in the heat transfer coefficient in the characteristic sections of the chamber is considered. The influence of the oil film distribution around the circumference of the chamber is shown.
doi:10.32620/oikit.2018.81.10 fatcat:impd3jmnyzfy7nxf2reiqgb5e4