Department of Defense (DOD) renewables and energy efficiency planning (REEP) program manual [report]

R.J. Nemeth, D. Fournier, L. Debaillie, L. Edgar, P. Stroot, R. Beasley, D. Edgar, L. McMillen, M. Marren
1995 unpublished
The Renewables and Energy Efficiency Planning (REEP)program was developed at the U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratories (USACERL). This program allows for the analysis of 78 energy and water conservation opportunities at 239 major DOD installations. REEP uses a series of algorithms in conjunction with installation specific data to estimate the energy and water conservation potential for entire installations The program provides the energy, financial, pollution, and social
more » ... on, and social benefits of conservation initiatives. The open architecture of the program allows for simple modifications of energy and water conservation variables, and installation database values to allow for individualized analysis. The program is essentially a high-level screening tool that can be used to help identify and focus preliminary conservation studies. The REEP program requires an IBM PC or compatible with a SO386 or SO486 microprocessor. It also requires approximately 4 megabytes of disk space and at least 8 megabytes of RAM. The system was developed for a Windows environment and requires Microsoft WindowsTM 3.1 or higher to run properly. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.
doi:10.2172/656883 fatcat:qq3paqhnmndlfkavx5uu3a3hwa