Assessment of the microbiological activity in agricultural and urban soils

2014 Soil Science Annual  
The aim of this study was to evaluate the enzymatic soil and the number of selected microorganisms in urban soil, which are located in the lane of the reconstructed road and compare it with a soil cultivated for agricultural purposes. The conducted analysis showed significant differences between the results of the soil taken from the roadway and the soil cultivated from agricultural purposes. The C:N ratio in soils of the roadway (from 24 to 31) indicated that they were degraded and heavily
more » ... aded soils. Urban soils had a neutral pH. The activity of dehydrogenase (1.93–6.95 μg TPF g−1·h−1), acid phosphatase (2.42–4.92 mM pNP·g−1·h−1) and alkaline phosphatase (2.34–4.80 mM pNP·g−1·h−1) in urban soils were low. In agricultural soils the acid phosphatase enzyme levels ranged 6.32–8.04 mM pNP·g−1·h−1, and alkaline phosphatase were 7.26–9.16 mM pNP·g−1·h−1. In urban soil samples collected along the roadway, a significant correlation between potassium and dehydrogenase activity, and between the C:N ratio and the activity of acid phosphatase was found.
doi:10.1515/ssa-2015-0009 fatcat:sx6jhbbaxrcy5mstq4idz2s2li