Structural properties and luminescence of rare-earth ions in transition-metal fluoride glasses

B. Boulard, S. Guy, I. Vasiliev, Y. Jestin, C. Duverger, M. Ferrari
2004 Philosophical Magazine  
The fluorescence of rare-earth ions RE 3þ ¼ Pr 3þ , Er 3þ and Tm 3þ has been compared in the transition-metal fluoride glass (36 mol% PbF 2 -24 mol% ZnF 2 -35 mol% GaF 3 -5 mol% YF 3 -2Al mol% F 3 ) doped with either REF 3 or RECl 3 . For the phonon-sensitive radiative transition, the lifetime is prolonged at low RECl 3 concentrations because the phonon energy and/or electron coupling are reduced. For Pr 3þ , the doping with PrCl 3 increases the lifetime by 50% with respect to PrF 3 doping.
more » ... e results suggest that the Cl À ions remain in the coordination sphere of the RE 3þ ions in the ReCl 3 -doped glass after melting.
doi:10.1080/14786430310001644431 fatcat:75llpwo3sng5nncnjnoo3xbyiu