A challenging anesthetic management of acquired tracheo-esophageal fistula operation

Bilfer Özler, Büşra Tezcan, Mahmut Subaşı, Erdal Yekeler
2018 International Journal of Case Reports and Images  
Tracheo-esophageal fistula (TEF) is a rare but highly morbid complication of tracheal stent. In this case report we presented a challenging anesthetic management of TEF repair. An 18-year-old female patient with epilepsy diagnosis was intubated during epileptic seizure. Tracheomalasia occurred rapidly and stent placement was done inevitably. However TEF developed, rigid bronchoscopy was planned for the removal of the stent. Following premedication induction of anesthesia was done with fentanyl,
more » ... done with fentanyl, lidocaine, propofol and rocuronium and maintained with propofolremifentanil. She was ventilated manually with high flow and high fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO 2 ). Tracheal resection and primer esophagus repair was considered after failed stent removal attempts. She was intubated with 5.5 no cuffed endotracheal intubation tube (ETT), ventilated with pressure controlled
doi:10.5348/100932z01hy2018cr fatcat:qnxqlqdh6jamxjpylvhwqa7awu