Outreach to Migrant Farmworkers Through a Pesticide Safety Initiative

Diana Flannery, Mary Portis, Joey Adame
2003 Californian Journal of Health Promotion   unpublished
/ Resumen In order for migrant farmworkers to engage in pesticide safety actions they need to understand the health risks related to pesticide exposure and the steps they can take to reduce and mitigate exposure. Most importantly, beyond education, migrant farmworkers need the products and resources necessary to take pesticide safety action. This article explains how we created a service learning project to provide migrant farmworkers in our area with the supplies they need for a successful
more » ... or a successful pesticide safety program. Para que sea posible que los trabajadores migrantes de campo tomen precauciones con pesticidas, ellos tienen que entender los riesgos de salud relacionados con la exposición a pesticidas y los pasos que deberían tomar para reducir y mitigar su exposición. Aún más importante que la educación, los trabajadores migrantes de campo necesitan los productos y recursos necesarios para tomar precauciones con pesticidas. Este artículo explica como nosotros creamos un proyecto de aprendizaje, para proveerle a los trabajadores migrantes de campo en nuestra área con las provisiones necesarias para llevar a cabo un exitoso programa de precauciones a la exposición a pesticidas. Introduction A year ago we were packing unsold T-shirts from a fund raiser into storage boxes when a student asked what we were planning to do with the shirts. We replied that since the T-shirts were now out of date we were just sending them to the warehouse. She asked if she could have a couple for her father who worked in the fields. He didn't always have a clean shirt to put on after work. We had over sixty shirts. Did she know of others who could use a shirt? She assured us that there were a lot of farmworkers who would benefit from new shirts.