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1908 The Analyst  
A Modification of the Calorimetric Bomb. E. Rengade. (BiiZZ SOC. Chz'??~., 1908 [iv.], 3, 188-190.)-The modification of Mahler's calorimetric boinb shown in the figure was designed for determinations in which the reaction is made to take place in a liquid medium. For the study of the action of water on alkali metals and similar reactions the electricsparking wires are dispensed with, a movable steel rod terminating in a flat disc, d, being used for breaking the glass vessel, a, which contains
more » ... a, which contains the substance, and is attached by means of fine wire to a steel support at the bottom of the bomb. The latter has a capacity of about 220 c.c., and is filled with water, with the exception of a space of about 40 c.c., where the gaseous products of the reaction may lodge, B vacuum being produced by attaching a pump to the tube, r, which is opened by turning. The bomb is suspended in the calorimeter by meaus of a cord attached to the wooden rod, t, which is fixed to the end of the crushing rod, whilst a glass rod, b, is placed inside at an anglo of 4 5 O , so that when a rapid rotatory move. ment is applied, first to the right and then to the left, the liquid within the bomb is thoroughly agitated. The temperature reaches its maximum in four to six minutes after the beginning of the reaction. T h e gases niay subsequently be withdrawn through the tube, T , measured and analysed, a correction being made for the amount dissolved by the liquid. Supersaturation is prevented by vigorous shaking at the end of the reaction, and a correction is usually necessary for the heat of solution of the gas. The calorimetric values
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