Trial Preparation of Three Dimensional Carbon Fiber/Carbon Composite made with Three Dimensional Carbon Fabric

Eiichi Yasuda, Yasuhiro Tanabe, Shiushichi Kimura, Kenji Fukuda
1988 TANSO  
3 dimentional carbon fiber reinforced pitch derived carbon composite (3D C/C composite) was prepared with 3 dimensional carbon fiber fabric. The matrix micro structure in 3D C/C composite could be fine mosaic without high impregnation pressure, thanks to addition of graphite powder on carbon fabric before impregnation process. Carbonized 3D C/C composite showed much different thermal expansion behaviour in each direction. Graphitized one, however, showed similar behaviour in every direction.
doi:10.7209/tanso.1988.191 fatcat:w7m33wnjbvhl3gcps26fzjprxq