EP-1915: Development of video based quality assurance system for the medical linear accelerator

J.S. Shin, Y. Han, E. Shin, H.C. Park, D.H. Choi, D.H. Lim
2016 Radiotherapy and Oncology  
S908 ESTRO 35 2016 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Purpose or Objective: To develop an infrastructure for structured and automated collection of interoperable radiation therapy (RT) data into a Swedish national quality register. Material and Methods: The present study was initiated in 2012 with the participation of seven of the 15 Swedish clinics delivering radiation therapy. A national RT nomenclature and a database for
more » ... a database for structured unified storage of RT data at each clinic (Medical Information Quality Archive; MIQA) have been developed. Aggregated data from the MIQA databases are sent to a Swedish national RT register located on the same IT framework (INCA) as the national diagnosis-specific quality registries. Results: The suggested naming convention has to date been integrated into the clinical workflow at 12 sites and MIQA is installed at six of these. Involvement of the remaining Swedish RT clinics is ongoing, and they are expected to be part of the infrastructure by 2016. RT data collection from Aria®, Mosaiq®, Eclipse™, and Oncentra® is supported. Manual curation of RT-structure information is needed for approximately 10% of target volumes, but rarely for normal tissue structures, demonstrating a good compliance to the RT nomenclature. Aggregated dose/volume descriptors are calculated based on the information in MIQA and sent to INCA using a dedicated service (MIQA2INCA). Correct linkage of data for each patient to the diagnosis-specific quality registries on the INCA platform is assured by the unique Swedish personal identity number.
doi:10.1016/s0167-8140(16)33166-8 fatcat:4nqqeb7z3rasjjkpzms5tzcvbi