A STUDY ON THE COOPERATION OF A SCHOOL AND A COMMUNITY SEEN FROM THE EDUCATIONAL SIDE IN A HIGH SCHOOL : Consciousness of a school to an area and how to treat with the area in education
高等学校における地域との連携に関する基礎的要件 : 地域に関する学校の見解と教育的地域の取り扱い方

2006 Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ)  
HIDA 1n order to further enrich e "ucation about the community at high. schoo 拍, the aim of this report is to make it clear how high school5 recog 勲 ize their surrounding area . As t, he 皿 ethod of res 翩 rch , I sent questionnaires by mnil to aU nat 重 on 継 and pubhc } 1igh schools in , lap跏 . 儡 e investiga し 10n period was perfor 皿 ed 廿 om August , 2002 to SeptembeL [ [ } he number of effective reooverios wa82292 votes , and the recovery rate was 55 . 6 % )The results are as fbl 韮 ows . 1)The
more » ... nge of pre 翫 m 亀 which ha 豊 regarded 出 e ar ¢ a a 日 a8chool wa 呂 not numerical , and the hま g} ⊃ g . chool regarded as a reg 晝 on h 日 〔 heache { 1 to 6 P・・... nt ・ 2)By 啣 ・・ving ・th ・ sch ・・ 玉 ' ・ lev・1 ・f un ・ 1・ ・ st ・ nding ・ b・ ut th・ i・ ・u ・... n 曲 g ・・e ・, ・tu &・n も 。 G 。 皿 。 沁 und 。 。 stana their community better ;and in addi tion to this, もhe dp. gree of how favorably . the people living in the surrounding area regar 蕊 the 9 . chool itself , also tends to increase .
doi:10.3130/aija.71.145_5 fatcat:h75tmrjjwbb4xbocit4vq4uomy