Frauenspezifisches Interventionsprogramm zur Gesundheitsförderung mit dem Schwerpunkt Bewegung und Sport auf kommunaler Ebene

Christina Bässler
2009 unpublished
Cardiovascular diseases account for approximately 45% of the overall mortality rate in Western countries. The risk factors for coronary heart disease are increasing due to the unhealthy lifestyle and the development of diseases of civilization. The ageing and demographic development of our society causes problems in financing the health care system. Women are a special target group, because on one hand women often show a different clinical symptomatology in cardiovascular diseases than men, on
more » ... he other hand women and men differ in social and corporate living conditions. Therefore women pose a greater risk for diseases. In addition, personal lifestyle factors have an immense impact in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Scientific studies prove that even through slight modifications of one's lifestyle approximately 80% of all cardiovascular occurrences could be prevented or at least delayed. Gender issues become more and more important in the discourse on health promotion and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The aim of this current study is to investigate the interrelation of sports or physical activity with a complex demands and resources model and to develop comprehensive intervention strategies with a focus on physical exercise and sports. Based on the theoretical approach of the Salutogenesis according to Antonovsky the predominate assumption is that the well-being of individuals - in the context of women as the target group - is determined by the resources and demands of the personal and social environment. Additionally the well-being is influenced by the level of health awareness and health behavior of the individual. The conditioned (endogenous) latent variable "health" is here assumed to be affected in equal measure by the independent (exogenous) latent variables "personal and social resources and demands" and "health awareness and health behavior". In addition, the resources and demands have an impact on the level of health awareness and health behavior. An examination of the assumption, [...]
doi:10.25365/thesis.3922 fatcat:xoqr7au7ibgcfi6n7m6n257byi