Bibliometrics-based decision trees (BBDTs) based on bibliometrics-based heuristics (BBHs): Visualized guidelines for the use of bibliometrics in research evaluation

Lutz Bornmann
2019 Quantitative Science Studies  
Fast-and-frugal heuristics are simple strategies that base decisions on only a few predictor variables. In so doing, heuristics can not only reduce complexity, but also boost the accuracy of decisions, their speed, and transparency. In this paper, bibliometrics-based decision trees (BBDTs) are introduced for research evaluation purposes which are based on bibliometrics. BBDTs visualize bibliometrics-based heuristics (BBHs) which are judgement strategies solely using publication and citation
more » ... . The BBDT exemplarily presented in this paper can be used as a guidance to find an answer on the question in which situations simple indicators such as mean citation rates are reasonable and in which situations more elaborated indicators – i.e., (sub-)field-normalized indicators – should be applied.
doi:10.1162/qss_a_00012 fatcat:b6y7e7bsj5f65kablgbcsd3hca