Discovery of emergent natural laws by hierarchical multi-agent systems

H. Stolk, K. Gates, J. Hanan
IEEE/WIC International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology, 2003. IAT 2003.  
This paper defines an approach to simulation of natural systems, inspired by complex systems theory. A complex natural system is modeled as a multi-agent simulation system, agents representing living organisms, physical entities or environmental processes. Agents and their interactions can be aggregated to higher-level group agents. The properties and behavior of these group agents are determined by, or emerge from, the properties and behavior of the individual agents composing the group. Group
more » ... ng the group. Group agents discover macro-level natural laws implied by the properties and behavior of individual agents modeling micro-level natural entities. Such a system can be implemented in a distributed programming environment, exploiting emergence, hierarchy, and concurrency to perform large-scale simulations.
doi:10.1109/iat.2003.1241051 dblp:conf/iat/StolkGH03 fatcat:7tmolqh6dzh4pevocimtkpvs3a