The Historical Phonology of Kriang, A Katuic Language

Ryan Gehrmann
2017 Journal of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society  
This paper presents an analysis of the historical phonology of the Kriang language (< Katuic < Austroasiatic). Kriang is spoken primarily in Sekong province, Laos and may be divided into two primary dialects which I call Kriang Kaleum and Kriang Tha Taeng. A synchronic analysis of Kriang phonology is provided based both on my own field work and on the data provided by previous researchers. A description of the historical phonological development from Proto-Katuic to modern Kriang follows
more » ... zing especially the development of prenasalized consonants, long/geminate consonants and vocalic register in the modern language. Of particular interest is the non-canonical register assignment pattern evident in certain Kriang varieties.
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