Clausen's Series 3F2(1) with Integral Parameter Differences

Kwang-Wu Chen
2021 Symmetry  
Ebisu and Iwassaki proved that there are three-term relations for 3F2(1) with a group symmetry of order 72. In this paper, we apply some specific three-term relations for 3F2(1) to partially answer the open problem raised by Miller and Paris in 2012. Given a known value 3F2((a,b,x),(c,x+1),1), if f−x is an integer, then we construct an algorithm to obtain 3F2((a,b,f),(c,f+n),1) in an explicit closed form, where n is a positive integer and a,b,c and f are arbitrary complex numbers. We also
more » ... our results to evaluate some specific forms of p+1Fp(1), for any positive integer p≥2.
doi:10.3390/sym13101783 fatcat:jbwzsjg5k5ck5aedqqse5jiy7a