Synthesis, Characterization, and Antimicrobial Activity of Some New N- Pyrazoline derivatives from Chalcones

2016 International Journal of Current Research in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences  
In the present work various Chalcones were condensed with hydrazine hydrate in ethanol to get the corresponding pyrazolines (4a-j) by refluxing for 4-5hrs. The compounds were synthesized and characterized by TLC, melting points, IR, and 1 H-NMR spectra. All the synthesized compounds have been screened and evaluated for antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus gr +ve, Escherichia coli gr -ve, Bacillus subtilis gr +ve, Salmonella typhi gr -ve , and antifungal activity against
more » ... ty against Aspergillus oryzoe, Aspergillus niger, using disc diffusion method. Synthesis and biological evaluation of pyrazolines have been a topic of special interest to organic and medicinal chemists
doi:10.22192/ijcrcps.2016.03.10.003 fatcat:mkr54qgndnee7cdfsx6yurtkcm