Cryoprotection of Day-4 mouse embryos by methanol

W. F. Rall, M. Czlonkowska, S. C. Barton, C. Polge
1984 Reproduction  
Methanol was examined as a cryoprotective additive that permits the direct transfer of frozen\p=n-\thawed Day-4 mouse embryos to foster mothers without dilution of the cryoprotectant. Methanol permeated the embryos rapidly, was not toxic and exerted a cryoprotective action. The highest level of survival (50%) of embryos in vitro was observed after equilibration in Medium PB1 containing 3\m=.\0 M-methanol, slow cooling (0\m=.\5\s=deg\C/mi n) to a temperature between \m=-\30 and \
more » ... d \ m=-\40\s=deg\C,rapid cooling (800\s=deg\C/min) and storage in liquid nitrogen ( \m=-\196\s=deg\C), rapid warming (800\s=deg\C/min), and rapid dilution. A high rate of development in vivo to late-stage fetuses (up to 81%) was observed when cryopreserved embryos were transferred to pseudopregnant recipients immediately after thawing.
doi:10.1530/jrf.0.0700293 pmid:6363691 fatcat:omnjvea6grgklgznhdzzqim7la