A hybrid proportional navigation based two-stage impact time control guidance law

Jia Huang, Sijiang Chang, Shengfu Chen
2022 Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics  
To improve applicability and adaptability of the impact time control guidance (ITCG) in practical engineering, a twostage ITCG law with simple but effective structure is proposed based on the hybrid proportional navigation, namely, the pureproportional-navigation and the retro-proportional-navigation. For the case with the impact time error less than zero, the first stage of the guided trajectory is driven by the retro-proportionalnavigation and the second one is driven by the
more » ... avigation. When the impact time error is greater than zero, both of the stages are generated by the pure-proportional-navigation but using different navigation gains. It is demonstrated by twoand three-dimensional numerical simulations that the proposed guidance law at least has comparable results to existing proportional-navigation-based ITCG laws and is shown to be advantageous in certain circumstances in that the proposed guidance law alleviates its dependence on the time-to-go estimation, consumes less control energy, and adapts itself to more boundary conditions and constraints. The results of this research are expected to be supplementary to the current research literature.
doi:10.23919/jsee.2022.000046 fatcat:b3tc53scf5ajvjrpza7gkhpi54