Parallelization of chip-based fluorescence immuno-assays with quantum-dot labelled beads

M. Grumann, L. Riegger, T. Nann, J. Riegler, O. Ehlert, K. Mittenbuhler, G. Urban, L. Pastewka, T. Brenner, R. Zengerle, J. Ducree
The 13th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems, 2005. Digest of Technical Papers. TRANSDUCERS '05.  
This paper presents a novel optical concept for the readout of a parallel, bead-based fluorescence immunoassay conducted on a lab-on-a-disk platform. The reusable part of thc modular setup comprises a detection unit featuring a single LED as light source, two emissionfilters, and a color CCD-camera as standard components together with a spinning drive as actuation unit. The miniaturized lab-on-a-disk is devised as a disposable. In the read-out process of the parallel assay, beads are first
more » ... eads are first identified by the color of incorporated quantum dots (QDs). Next, the reaction-specific fluorescence signal is quantified with FluoSpheres-labeled detection antibodies. To enable a fast and automated read-out, suitable algorithms have been implemented in this work. Based on this concept, we successfully demonstrated a Hepatitis-A assay on our disk-based lab-on-a-chip.
doi:10.1109/sensor.2005.1497271 fatcat:zvzhkqsrkvcxvfbawpuajl7bdm