Web 2.0 Data Visualisation Tools

Stuart McDonald
2020 Zenodo  
As Web 2.0 continues to evolve and transform into what is being referred to as Web 3.0 we are seeing the boundaries between websites and web services blurring as more and more web content becomes remixable. Many of the resultant visualizations and applications can be achieved with no more than a basic understanding of the underlying technologies. This presentation will discuss the range of collaborative web utilities which use Web2.0 technologies which venture into the numeric and spatial data
more » ... c and spatial data visualisation arenas. There are a whole range of map (or spatial) mash-ups which utilize Web2.0 technologies and interactive mapping products such as Google Earth and MS Virtual Earth. Such mapping utilities have paved the way for research organisations to explore and expose their findings in new and innovative ways. There has been however less publicity regarding the visualisation of data, once thought to be the remit of domain experts. This presentation will also look at and compare a number of utilities such as Swivel and Many Eyes, that to varying degrees visualise data and allow data users the opportunity to interact with and share data in an open environment.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3782054 fatcat:oolkqehnynazthffy5bwjl4elu