2020 2020 3rd International Seminar on Research of Information Technology and Intelligent Systems (ISRITI)  
A language and reasoning can be said as some of the characteristics of human abilities. On the other hand, the ability of human thinking can be modeled as computation. The development of cognitive science that combines scientific development with technology began to appear in the 1960s. In those years, human behavior did not adequately explain cognitive processes. Although, there has been much debate by behaviorist experts regarding the cognitive science approach. However, with a variety of
more » ... th a variety of approaches, there is something quite encouraging that computer models of cognition can be used as an alternative approach to these various models. Furthermore, computers can be used to test hypotheses where computation itself is the subject of the mind. So that there are various kinds of models developed in the field of cognitive science with different fields of science, including anthropology, artificial intelligence (AI), philosophy, linguistics, neuroscience, and psychology. Even though there are different scientific fields, it turns out that they can work together in explaining various kinds of cognitive science models. AI is a part of the field of computer science that can describe intelligent computer systems. This system can show characteristics related to intelligence in human behavior, such as reasoning, understanding language, learning, solving problems, and so on. This intelligent system has a long-term goal of equaling or surpassing human intelligence. The approach used in simulating this system uses mathematical approaches, discursive reasoning, language, and so on. New developments related to the paradigm in this field emerged in the mid-80s, bringing together developments in the fields of philosophy, AI, and cognitive science.
doi:10.1109/isriti51436.2020.9315432 fatcat:l3yzv6amx5frdjofz7kkmy3u5y