Valerii Barbash, Irina Trembus, Valentina Shevchenko
2014 CELLULOSE CHEMISTRY AND TECHNOLOGY Cellulose Chem. Technol   unpublished
The purpose of this study was to investigate the process of obtaining straw pulp by ammonia-sulfite-ethanol solution. The influence of the main technological parameters on the quality of the straw pulp obtained by this method was evaluated. A positive influence of anthraquinone on the delignification process of wheat straw and the strength properties of the pulp was found. The possibility of bleaching organosolv straw pulp by reagents without chlorine was evaluated. The selectivity indexes of
more » ... tivity indexes of removing components from wheat straw and the kinetic characteristics of this process were determined. The activation energy values, which were calculated by analytical and graphical methods, indicate good coincidence of the results and the essential role of anthraquinone in decreasing activation energy. The possibility of using ammonia-sulfite-ethanol straw pulp for production of writing paper and container board was demonstrated.