Emotion-related musical variables affect person perception

Fabia Franco, Stanislava Angelova
2016 Interaction Studies  
This study investigated person perception in respect of variables associated with affect in music (tempo and mode) following motor synchronization to music. Participants (n = 128, 50% female) were tested in a task involving stepping with a researcher to the beat of slow or fast music in major or minor mode, following which measures concerning the synchronised partner were collected (incidental memory, likeability of, similarity to and prosocial attitude towards). Significant effects were found
more » ... effects were found only for the 'likeability' measure, modulated by gender, suggesting that variables associated with affect perception in music, such as mode and tempo appear relevant for person perception in a synchronization task in ways that differ for men and women. The results of this 'proof of concept' study indicate the need for further research on the effect of motor synchronization based on ecologically valid musical interaction tasks.
doi:10.1075/is.17.2.06fra fatcat:jywtwz7wtnb35nfsuxaxjzegk4