Variable-Diameter Drum with Concentric Threshing Gap and Performance Comparison Experiment

Yaoming Li, Zhan Su, Zhenwei Liang, Yu Li
2020 Applied Sciences  
The threshing gap of the thresher device for rice combine harvester has to be adjusted in real time based on different feed rates to ensure the operation efficiency in the harvesting process. However, adjusting the threshing gap by changing the position of concave grid may result in unevenness of threshing gap of the thresher device and further impact on the fluidity of material in the thresher device; in addition, it is also unavailable to adjust the threshing gap by changing the drum diameter
more » ... when the rice combine harvester is in operation. In view of the above and based on axial flow threshing drum, the design of a variable-diameter threshing drum available for overall and rapid drum diameter adjustment and the research on diameter adjustment device as well as electronic control self-locking device were introduced in this study. Besides, stress analysis was implemented to the diameter adjustment device to ensure the stability of the variable-diameter threshing drum. Field experiment was implemented to identify the difference between the impacts brought to the threshing performance (grain-entrainment loss rate, damage rate, threshing efficiency, and threshing power consumption) by both methods for threshing gap adjustment. The experiment result shows that the drum adjustment method with variable-diameter drum features higher grain-entrainment loss rate, threshing efficiency, and threshing power consumption, yet stable in terms of consumption fluctuation, but a lower damage rate than their counterparts with concave adjustment method.
doi:10.3390/app10155386 fatcat:spjswxnvh5gm7bcm7iyeznfjde