NK-1 Receptor Immunoreactivity in Distinct Morphological Types of Lamina I Neurons of the Primate Spinal Cord

X. H. Yu, E.-T. Zhang, A. D. Craig, R. Shigemoto, A. Ribeiro-da-Silva, Y. De Koninck
1999 Journal of Neuroscience  
In cat and monkey, lamina I cells can be classified into three basic morphological types (fusiform, pyramidal, and multipolar), and recent intracellular labeling evidence in the cat indicates that fusiform and multipolar lamina I cells are two different types of nociceptive cells, whereas pyramidal cells are innocuous thermoreceptive-specific. Because earlier observations indicated that only nociceptive dorsal horn neurons respond to substance P (SP), we examined which morphological types of
more » ... ina I neurons express receptors for SP (NK-1r). We categorized NK-1r-immunoreactive (IR) lamina I neurons in serial horizontal sections from the cervical and lumbar enlargements of four monkeys. Consistent results were obtained by two independent teams of observers. Nearly all NK-1r-IR cells were fusiform (42%) or multipolar (43%), but only 6% were pyramidal (with 9% unclassified). We obtained similar findings in three monkeys in which we used double-labeling immuno-cytochemistry to identify NK-1r-IR and spinothalamic lamina I neurons retrogradely labeled with cholera toxin subunit b from the thalamus; most NK-1r-IR lamina I spinothalamic neurons were fusiform (48%) or multipolar (33%), and only 10% were pyramidal. In contrast, most (ϳ75%) pyramidal and some (ϳ25%) fusiform and multipolar lamina I spinothalamic neurons did not display NK-1r immunoreactivity. These data indicate that most fusiform and multipolar lamina I neurons in the monkey can express NK-1r, consistent with the idea that both types are nociceptive, whereas only a small proportion of lamina I pyramidal cells express this receptor, consistent with the previous finding that they are nonnociceptive. However, these findings also indicate that not all nociceptive lamina I neurons express receptors for SP.
doi:10.1523/jneurosci.19-09-03545.1999 pmid:10212314 fatcat:d2aavviutje5zanjipovohpiim