The Neuroprotective Effect of Bacopa monnieri against Pilocarpine Induced Status Epilepticus in Rats

Thanaporn Semphuet, Atthaporn Boongird, Mayuree Tantisira, Kanokwan Tiloksakulchai, Sompol Tapechum, Narawut Pakaprot
2017 Siriraj Medical Journal   unpublished
Objective: To examine the therapeutic potential of Brahmi extract as a neuroprotective treatment for status epilepticus (SE). Methods: After the oral administration of 160 mg/kg BM extract for 2 weeks, SE was induced by an i.p. injection of pilocarpine, and spatial learning and memory were tested on the next day. After the behavioral testing, all animals were sacrificed, and the brains were removed for histological examination to determine the amount of surviving neurons in the hippocampal
more » ... he hippocampal subregions. Results: SE caused spatial learning and memory impairment, and significant reduction of surviving neurons in all subregions of the hippocampus. Pre-treatment with BM extract could attenuate the spatial learning and memory deficit and reduced neuronal death in all subregions of the hippocampus. Conclusion: BM extract demonstrated the neuroprotective effect against SE induced spatial learning and memory deficit and neuronal death in the hippocampus.