P2.9 Packaging concepts and development progress of ceramic thermocouples for up to > 1800 °C

P. Gierth, L. Rebenklau, B. Feng, H.-P. Martin, AMA Association For Sensors And Measurement, Sophie-Charlotten-Str. 15, 14059 Berlin, Germany
Measurement of temperatures is critical for many technical applications in the modern industries. Common used temperature sensors are based on metallic and not many alternatives are given until today. Therefore, semiconductive ceramic materials based on boron carbide were developed to generate miniaturized thermocouples for temperatures up to > 1800 °C. An overview of the ongoing development process of the system embedding of this kind of thermocouples is given. Risks and chances of ceramic thermocouples were discussed.
doi:10.5162/smsi2020/p2.9 fatcat:7t4kqcqdh5cfhp2yctd2f6qnxy