Михайло Бачинський
2019 Figshare  
The article deals with the choice of principles of construction of information systems and technologies of influence of low-intensity LED radiation on the functional state of the operator. It is proposed to use as a basic principle the principle of the domain, which involves the development of an information model and the formalization of objects and methods of design. In developing the information system of low intensity light stimulation of operators, the following principles were used: first
more » ... manager, evaluation of the achievement of the goal, adaptability, software and hardware modules, and others, thanks to which effective software and hardware functionally completed modules were created; defined rules and sequences of formation of more complex, programmed predetermined designs of algorithms and programs; It is ensured the establishment and efficient operation of the system, taking into account decisions and forecasting of the functional state and physical capacity of the operators. When formulating the list of functions implemented in the developed system, we proceeded from the fact that in fact, it is an intellectual adaptive control system (monitoring and correction) of the functional state of operators of extreme types of activity, which in turn meets a number of requirements. As a result, it is proved that the proposed design principles provide the creation of information systems for the identification and management of the processes of interaction of operators with objects, systems and complexes, and conditions for the performance of their professional duties, when they are not able to observe objects directly, but use information , which is received through communication channels, or with the help of information methods and models that provide the necessary activity of information about the status and functioning of the control object.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.8244845.v1 fatcat:u56emqbsqvhf5mbz3h5wgnbsmy