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M Singaraj, M Phil, M Mrs, Immaculate Josephin, Ruba, D Awasthi, Uttar India, Tirtharaj Bhoi, Ravindra Prajapati, India Lalit, G Patil
2016 Online) EPRA International Journal of Research and Development (IJRD)   unpublished
Quality of the service important criteria in the video processing in H.264/AVC Bit-streams. In the process the de-blocking filter effect can be negligible. The encryption based bit streams can be transmitted for improving the security of the bit streams. So the proposed system mainly considered reduction of the De-blocking filter effect in the MSE Estimation. The MSE estimation method that derives elaborate distribution models for the transform coefficients in H.264/AVC bit-streams. The total
more » ... E between the original and reconstructed frames is separated into two terms for MSE estimation: one due to quantization error and the other due to the deblocking filtering effect in H.264/AVC. The quantization parameters in MPEG-2 I-frames are estimated with an overall accuracy of 99.9 % and the MSE is estimated with an overall average error of 0.3 dB. Large high resolution ∞at panel displays and high quality projectors of today seem to magnify coding artifacts, so these also become visible in good quality images and video and thus put increased focus on image quality and post-processing. The local segmentation model ensures that only subband pixels which belong to the same smooth/monotone region are included in the averaging process.