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1847 Scientific American  
A Fe'W lU01'C Curiosities. {We select and insert the following, partly by request; but as the fancy museum is pretty well filled, and already (according to various accounts) contains many articles which are not worth the time required to read their titles, we hope to be excused from any more c,ntributions.) A tassel from the cap of a climax. One of the legs of a multiplication table. A leaf from the pink of perfection. The wings and ears of a brick-bat. A cushion from the seat of war, (recently
more » ... t of war, (recently cane-bottomed. ) " SOInethi:1g green," found in the eye of Yankee Doodle. The fiery eye of a" cat in a strange garret." A cur-tail of the ·expenses of Gove1'nment. A tooth f!'Om the "dog in a manger." A 4th of July toast done brown. The rat that wa� smelt by a speCUlator. Sparring gloves used in boxing the compass. The cloak of religion, unllrr which poor people are cheated. A " chip li'om the old block." The shadow of a knot-hole (set in a frame.) A wing of a" flying rumor" The mantle of charity, '(perfectly transpa rent.) A frown from a " mounLlin's orow !" Moustach from the" face of nature" cut off' by a sharp wind. Composition for cementing a "cracked joke." A bottle of beer made of cube I·OotS. Sun beam found among the old timbers of an air castle. A sample or tooth-powder made of "dry wines," neatly put up in empty boxes. Our Fo.'Ce In the Field. The Washington Union publishes the report of the Adjutant General of the United States Army, Gen. R., Jones, from which it appears that the regulars In the field, including offi cers and men, numbered 6,613. Troops at sea, and under orders to j o III the army, 1,098. Recruits en route for the seat of war, 762. Aggregate of regulars, 8,473. Volunteers in the field, 15,745; at sea for California, 766. Aggregate of volunteers, 16,514; amounting in aldo an army of 24,984 men. Of this num· bel' there are uuder the orders of Major Gen. Taylor, 18,332; of whom 7,406 are regulars, and 10,926 volunteers. Under the orders of Brigadier Gen. Wool, charged with the con duct of a separate division, 2,560, of whom 621 are regulars, and 2,039 volunteers. Under Brigadier General Kearney, also charged with the conduct of a separate division in New Mexico, 3,99'2, of whom lt� ale regulars and
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican01231847-138n fatcat:3sjxi7hwonhtnhtxlczxf4pbxe