[Re] Zero-Shot Knowledge Transfer via Adversarial Belief Matching

Alexandros Ferles, Alexander Nöu, Leonidas Valavanis
2020 Zenodo  
We reproduce the work in Zero-shot Knowledge Transfer via Adversarial Belief Matching, which describes a novel approach for knowledge transfer. A teacher network trained on real samples distills knowledge to a student network that is trained solely on pseudo data extracted from a generator network, with the student trying to mimic the teacher's outputs on these datapoints. To this end, we additionally re-implement Wide Residual Networks which are used as the main framework for both teacher and
more » ... tudent networks and train them from scratch on CIFAR10 and SVHN. We compare the results of the proposed method with a few-shot knowledge distillation attention transfer setting implemented and trained from scratch. We suggest an approach for further exploitation of the learnt mechanics of the generator network in the zero-shot setting, which operates on top of the main method, and briefly discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this approach. Our code can be found publicly available in https://github.com/AlexandrosFerles/NIPS_2019_Reproducibilty_ Challenge_Zero-shot_Knowledge_Transfer_via_Adversarial_Belief_Matching.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3818623 fatcat:5kpl7orh5zc2jkwfyq25haofle