Griffin and Hero-Deer in Cosmological Composition, as Practical Model of Social Development of Ancient Societies, on Example of Pazyryk Carpet (V century BC)

Olga Polyakova
Archaeoastronomy and Ancient Technologies   unpublished
The Eurasian tradition in general and, in particular, in the Scythian outlook, reveal two astral tradition of constructing social relations, by analogy with the observed picture of the sky, which is reflected in the monuments of visual culture. On the example of the Pazyryk carpet V century BC You can make some assumptions about the semantic meaning of each of the traditions. Figure of a man-deer on the carpet has icons " cross in a circle ", which denotes the astral symbolism land or Pole of
more » ... m land or Pole of the World, which revolves around the starry sky. In support of this idea seeing that image herbivorous ungulates and other monuments of the Scythian culture shows their central or solitary position compared with a pair of griffins-like Griffins revolve around the center. It can be assumed that the tradition and image herbivorous hoofed symbolized divine light solar power, and other images of predatory Gryphon tradition symbolized the real strength of the earth in their binary code change of light and darkness, life and death, good and evil-as displayed in the minds of rotating constellation rising or setting on the horizon. This could form the basis of religious beliefs and festivities accompanying social structure of ancient societies.