Wave propagation in a chiral fluid: an undergraduate study

Thomas Garel
2003 European journal of physics  
We study the propagation of electromagnetic waves in a chiral fluid, where the molecules are described by a simplified version of the Kuhn coupled oscillator model. The eigenmodes of Maxwell's equations are circularly polarized waves. The application of a static magnetic field further leads to a magnetochiral term in the index of refraction of the fluid, which is independent of the wave polarization. A similar result holds when absorption is taken into account. Interference experiments and
more » ... xperiments and photochemical reactions have recently demonstrated the existence of the magnetochiral term. The comparison with Faraday rotation in an achiral fluid emphasizes the different symmetry properties of the two effects.
doi:10.1088/0143-0807/24/5/307 fatcat:szfza6ueafa4lk3yrjru4xwcuy