Automatic event picking in pre-stack migrated gathers using a probabilistic neural network [report]

G.A. Clark, M.E. Glinsky, K.R.S. Devi, J.H. Robinson, P.K.Z. Cheng, G.E. Ford
1996 unpublished
We describe algorithms for automating the process of picking seismic events in prestack migrated common depth image gathers. The approach uses supervised learning and statistical classification algorithms along with advanced signal/image processing algorithms. No model assumption is made such as hyperbolic moveout. We train a probabilistic neural network for voxel classification using event times, subsurface points and offsets (ground truth information) picked manually by expert interpreters.
more » ... ert interpreters. The key to success is using effective features that capture the important behavior of the measured signals. We test a variety of features calculated in a local neighborhood about the voxel under analysis. Feature selection algorithms are used to ensure that we use only the features that maximize class separability. This event picking algorithm has the potential to reduce significantly the cycle time and cost of 3D prestack depth migration, while making the velocity model inversion more robust.
doi:10.2172/394450 fatcat:ougaasd5qrgxnprsx76o2fqfdm