Setiawan Bin Lahuri
2013 Muqtasid: Jurnal Ekonomi dan Perbankan Syariah  
In Islam, the determination of wages is not only based on the quality of labor as the physical, mental, work experience, professionalism and so on. But there are other considerations, they are aspects of personal and family needs. Thus, there are important implications of the theory above, the Islamic theory of wage determination is in contrast to the capitalist economic system, and there are elements in common with the socialist economic system. Mechanisms of wage determination in Islam does
more » ... ion in Islam does not depend on the institutional market. Islam is a religion that upholds universal human values​​. Islam is very concerned with the rights and obligations of all people, including the workers and laborers. Teaching that can be seen from several hadith clearly provides real assurance that the workers have to work in a comfortable state, far from the threat of layoffs, delays in awarding salary, job demands beyond the limits of human ability and so on. Thus, Islam gives an overview of the importance of laborers and workers in human life. Islam gives us the importance of laborers and workers in human life. Islam thus providing strong values ​​as a form of protection to the workers and employees.
doi:10.18326/muqtasid.v4i2.223-238 fatcat:vcxswsykyfft7ans2brfejzx5i