Cache-Only Memory Architecture

Rahul Yadav, Mukul Yadav, Shadab Anwar
A Cache-Only Memory design (COMA) may be a sort of cache-coherent non-uniform access (CC-NUMA) design. not like in a very typical CC-NUMA design, in a COMA, each shared-memory module within the machine may be a cache, wherever every memory line incorporates a tag with the line's address and state. As a processor references a line, it transparently brings it to each its non-public cache(s) and its near portion of the NUMA shared memory (Local Memory)-probably displacing a sound line from its
more » ... ve memory. Effectively, every shared-memory module acts as a large cache memory, giving the name COMA to the design. Since the COMA hardware mechanically replicates the information and migrates it to the memory module of the node that's presently accessing it, COMA will increase the possibilities of knowledge being obtainable regionally. This reduces the likelihood of frequent long-latency memory accesses. Effectively, COMA dynamically adapts the shared knowledge layout to the application's reference patterns. Discussion