Numerical Investigation on the Effectiveness of Water Spray Deluge in Providing Cooling, Smoke Dilution and Radiation Attenuation in Fires

J. Wen, S. Dembele, M. Yang, V. Tam, J. Wang
2008 IAFSS - The International Association for Fire Safety Science : proceedings  
The effectiveness of water spray is influenced by nozzle type, spray momentum and orientation as well as water droplet size. It is also subject to the influence of environment conditions, most notably wind condition in open fires and ventilation in enclosures. The present study is focused on the effect of such external parameters on the effectiveness of water spray systems when used as water curtains to provide cooling and smoke dilution; and create an "escape" corridor for crews on offshore
more » ... rews on offshore oil and gas production facilities. In such applications, water spray is more frequently referred to as "water deluge". A related study has also been carried out to investigate the attenuation of thermal radiation by water deluge on an oil tank fire. Overall the present study has led to some useful conclusions and demonstrated the potential of numerical modeling techniques as an effective means to aid the design of water curtains and surface water deluge systems.
doi:10.3801/iafss.fss.9-639 fatcat:kzhl2bmhafdz3hwbrw4c3thw5y