On-line multi-criteria based collision-free posture generation of redundant manipulator in constrained workspace

Jin-Liang Chen, Jing-Sin Liu, Wan-Chi Lee, Tzu-Chen Liang
2002 Robotica (Cambridge. Print)  
The manipulator with a large degree of redundancy is useful for realizing multiple tasks such as maneuvering the robotic arms in the constrained workspace, e.g. the task of maneuvering the end-effector of the manipulator along a pre-specified path into a window. This paper presents an online technique based on a posture generation rule to compute a null-space joint velocity vector in a singularityrobust redundancy resolution method. This rule suggests that the end of each link has to track an
more » ... plicit trajectory that is indirectly resulted from the constraint imposed on tracking motion of the end-effector. A proper posture can be determined by sequentially optimizing an objective function integrating multiple criteria of the orientation of each link from the end-effector toward the base link as the secondary task for redundancy resolution, by assuming one end of the link is clamped. The criteria flexibly incorporate obstacle avoidance, joint limits, preference of posture in tracking, and connection of posture to realize a compromise between the primary and secondary tasks. Furthermore, computational demanding of the posture is reduced due to the sequential link-by-link computation feature. Simulations show the effectiveness and flexibility of the proposed method in generating proper postures for the collision avoidance and the joint limits as a singularity-robust nullspace projection vector in maneuvering redundant robots within constrained workspaces.
doi:10.1017/s0263574702004204 fatcat:sbasozh5ufhsvi56lur7grzafa