Noise-controlled pattern formation and threshold shift for electroconvection in the conduction and dielectric regimes

Jong-Hoon Huh, Akiyuki Kuribayashi, Shoichi Kai
2009 Physical Review E  
We report noise-controlled electrohydrodynamic pattern formations and threshold shifts in nematic liquid crystals. In the electrohydrodynamic system superposed with noise, experimental results obtained in the dielectric regime are compared to those in the conventional conduction regime. The noise intensity dependences of thresholds and pattern evolution processes are remarkably different for each regime. The pattern formation mechanisms in the presence of noise for both regimes are discussed
more » ... ed on the results. Moreover, it is found that the thresholds and characteristic wavelengths of dissipative structures can be effectively controlled by external multiplicative noises with appropriate intensity and correlation times.
doi:10.1103/physreve.80.066304 pmid:20365264 fatcat:37qzyjoiwveltaguqvvtnesmcy