Viral Infection and Antiviral Treatments in Ocular Pathologies

Francesco Petrillo, Arianna Petrillo, Francesca Paola Sasso, Antonietta Schettino, Angela Maione, Marilena Galdiero
2022 Microorganisms  
Ocular viral infections are common and widespread globally. These infectious diseases are a major cause of acute red eyes and vision loss. The eye and its nearby tissues can be infected by several viral agents, causing infections with a short course and limited ocular implications or a long clinical progression and serious consequences for the function and structure of the ocular region. Several surveillance studies underline the increased emergence of drug resistance among pathogenic viral
more » ... ins, limiting treatment options for these infections. Currently, in the event of resistant infections, topical or systemic corticosteroids are useful in the management of associated immune reactions in the eye, which contribute to ocular dysfunction. Many cases of viral eye infections are misdiagnosed as being of bacterial origin. In these cases, therapy begins late and is not targeted at the actual cause of the infection, often leading to severe ocular compromises, such as corneal infiltrates, conjunctival scarring, and reduced visual acuity. The present study aims at a better understanding of the viral pathogens that cause eye infections, along with the treatment options available.
doi:10.3390/microorganisms10112224 pmid:36363815 pmcid:PMC9694090 fatcat:w62iotve7zdw3nad6vzgo3kd7y