Bonding Mechanism and Strength of Metals to Ceramics
금속과 세라믹의 접합기구와 접합강도

Se-Ho Kee, Jae-Pil Jung, Won-Joong Kim
2014 Journal of Welding and Joining  
Bonding technology and bonding mechanism of metal to ceramic including brazing, diffusion bonding, friction welding and etc were reviewed in this study. Various factors should be considered from a bonding design step to acquire a good bonding joint because of a large difference between metal and ceramic in crystal lattice, coefficient of thermal expansion and various properties. In addition, metal and ceramic bonding technologies are constantly being developed according to precise components,
more » ... lti-function and application to harsh environment. However, improvement of bonding properties and bonding reliability also should be accompanied. Bonding of ceramics, such as ZrO 2 , Ti 3 AlC 2 and SiC, to metals like Ti-alloy, TiAl and steel were described in this paper.
doi:10.5781/jwj.2014.32.1.40 fatcat:pyxgk4r6sbfx3l6ix6n2pkqqvq