Multidimensional classical and quantum wormholes in models with cosmological constant

U. Bleyer, V.D. Ivashchuk, V.N. Melnikov, A. Zhuk
1994 Nuclear Physics B  
A multidimensional cosmological model with space-time consisting of n (n > 2) Einstein spaces M_i is investigated in the presence of a cosmological constant Λ and a homogeneous minimally coupled scalar field φ(t) as a matter source. Classical and quantum wormhole solutions are obtained for Λ < 0 and all M_i being Ricci-flat. Classical wormhole solutions are also found for Λ < 0 and only one of the M_i being Ricci-flat for the case of spontaneous compactification of the internal dimensions with fine tuning of parameters.
doi:10.1016/s0550-3213(94)80046-4 fatcat:54n7qui3qnee5h5ggorenkehry