Estudo do ganho de energia elétrica em painéis fotovoltaicos usando rastreamento solar baseado em sistemas embarcados [thesis]

Sérgio Eduardo Alves de Paula
Photovoltaic solar generators have grown annually in use. With the increase in electricity generation costs, renewable sources of energy like that grow in interest, even in residential microgeneration applications. This work presents the design, construction and testing of a standalone solar tracker, with control and acquisition of sensors data based on embedded systems totally designed and produced in the country, aiming to increase the power generated from retail solar panels. The firmware
more » ... ign and used algorithms have been continuously adapted to achieve the best results. It was used a standard solar panel to perform the tests, and the designed printed circuit boards were manufactured locally. The data taken in different tests showed that the solar tracking actually increased the power generated with a standard solar panel, even with some problems in the design that have to be corrected in a future implementation. So the project was validated and can be used, including microgeneration in ordinary houses.
doi:10.11606/d.3.2016.tde-21072016-094218 fatcat:3cffqlau5vaavpvejubu7o3ml4