Identification and Isolation of the Yeasts in Traditional Yogurts Collected From Villages in Gaziantep,Turkey

Ibrahim Halil Kılıç
2019 Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research  
Yogurt is one of the most common fermented milk products in the world. It is produced by the addition of homofermentative lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and some yeasts to milk and is a LAB fermentation product. Therefore, yogurt contains large quantities of LAB and their metabolites, which are beneficial to human health. In this study, 208 tradational yoghurt samples were collected from 9 different locations from villages in Gaziantep Province. The P H values of the yogurts ranged from 3.9-6.0.
more » ... er yeast isolation from the yogurts that 25 samples were showed including yeast, the total number of their ranged from 1-1.8 x 10 8 CFU/g on MRS agar. MALDI TOF MS was used for yeast identification. Among the isolates, 52% were Candida kefyr, 36% were Saccharomyces cerevisiae, 8% were Candida tropicalis and 4% Candida lypolitica. These results showed that traditional yogurts collected from villages in Gaziantep Province contain various contamined yeast; they are detrimental for human healthy on yogurt production. A sterile loop was used to sample colonies and to inoculate them into Eppendorf tubes containing 1ml of MRS Broth (Oxoid, England). Yeast samples inoculated into MRS were incubated for 48 hours. Stocks were prepared from 500µl of yeast cultured in MRS broth 500µl of sterile liquid glycerol that were mixed in a 1ml Eppendorf tube and stored at -20°C [8] .
doi:10.26717/bjstr.2019.13.002478 fatcat:ltj54gyq2vcitpajfv3t7eqss4