A Combined ESPRIT-MUSIC Method for FDA-MIMO Radar with Extended Range Ambiguity Using Staggered Frequency Increment

Yuwei Song, Guimei Zheng, Guoping Hu
2019 International Journal of Antennas and Propagation  
For the problem of joint angle and range estimation with frequency diverse array (FDA), MIMO radar, staggered frequency increment is proposed to expand the range ambiguity and the joint algorithm of ESPRIT and MUSIC is proposed to reduce the computational complexity. The uniformly weighted beampattern of FDA is a SINC-like function. Therefore, the grating lobe of range estimation exists. In this paper, staggered frequency increment is proposed to increase the distance of adjacent grating lobes.
more » ... The proposed joint estimation algorithm firstly estimates the angle by using ESPRIT algorithm. Then we get the range estimation by MUSIC one-dimensional range search using the above estimated angle. In simulation results section, it is indicated in simulation results that the proposed method improves the range grating lobe and reduces the complexity.
doi:10.1155/2019/3056074 fatcat:iiwylh4v5vbpxfcpykqel5b6ja