Quantum corrections to the spin-independent cross section of the inert doublet dark matter

Tomohiro Abe, Ryosuke Sato
2015 Journal of High Energy Physics  
The inert Higgs doublet model contains a stable neutral boson as a candidate of dark matter. We calculate cross section for spin-independent scattering of the dark matter on nucleon. We take into account electroweak and scalar quartic interactions, and evaluate effects of scattering with quarks at one-loop level and with gluon at two-loop level. These contributions give an important effect for the dark matter mass to be around m h /2, because a coupling with the standard model Higgs boson which
more » ... l Higgs boson which gives the leading order contribution should be suppressed to reproduce the correct amount of the thermal relic abundance in this mass region. In particular, we show that the dark matter self coupling changes the value of the spin-independent cross section significantly. Keywords: Beyond Standard Model, Cosmology of Theories beyond the SM ArXiv ePrint: 1501.04161 Open Access, c The Authors. Article funded by SCOAP 3 . E Loop functions for radiative corrections 25 E.1 One-loop vertex 25 E.2 One-loop box diagrams 26 E.3 Loop functions for dark matter-gluon scattering 26 E.3.1 Definitions of X, Y functions 26 E.3.2 X, Y in B, C, D-function 27 E.3.3 C, D in B 0 and ∂B 0 /∂q 2 27
doi:10.1007/jhep03(2015)109 fatcat:wp6dqupgqvbirc5e4tsse3vmhi