Non-drug modalities of managing anxiety in dental office

Georgiana Macovei, Alexandra Boloș, Magda Ecaterina Antohe, Gente Camille, Antonela Maria Beldiman
2020 Bulletin of Integrative Psychiatry  
Anxiety disorders are a group of psychiatric disorders whose symptoms include excessive anxiety, a feeling of fear, worry and avoidance behaviors. Dental anxiety may have a negative impact on a person's life. Physiological aspects of dental anxiety are fright response and feelings of exhaustion after dental appointments, while behavioral aspects are represented by dental avoidance. The practitioner must undertake psychological support for the patient in a dental office where colors and music
more » ... colors and music are used to create a welcoming, calm space that inspires relaxation, benefiting from a pleasant light adapted to each work or waiting space. The dental office is a place with a strong anxiety-inducing potential, that's why the first step of the practitioner is to recognize the patient's fear as existing and not to deny it, or to underestimate it and to find, together with the patient all the necessary modalities to cope with it.
doi:10.36219/bpi.2020.3.05 fatcat:sziad3ynwba4flahy2pn2mi5na